Update and Poll

I have now added to the “Video Games” tab an ongoing list for the current countdown, making it easier to look back for ones you may have missed.

This current list should end in about a month.  Anything in particular you would like to see?  I’m working on my favorite 50 music albums list, and while music is not something I keep up with, or have particularly good taste in, I thought it might be fun to discuss.

I also have about 70 more reviews of PC Adventure games sitting on my desktop ready to go.  One way to post most of them would be to do a worst of list, as a lot of the remaining ones I cannot recommend.  For adventure fans, it could be a good tool to know what to avoid.  For others, it could be fun to read as my reviews get a little more surly as the games get worse.

I also have not done anything on this site regarding movies.  A top 100 movie list could certainly be done, though most of my reviews would be shorter than what you’re used to.  Many movies I’ve seen only once (and sometimes several years ago) so I wouldn’t feel comfortable with in-depth discussion.  I could also do a worst list, but something less unwieldy, like a bottom 20.  I could also discuss favorite scenes, lines, directors, actors.  I’m open to suggestions.

So, if it suits you, take a vote in the poll and comment below if you have any thoughts.

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