59: Supernatural (Santana)

Album: Supernatural
Artist: Santana
Year: 1999

1. (Da Le) Yaleo
2. Love of My Life (with Dave Matthews)
3. Put Your Lights On (with Everlast)
4. Africa Bamba
5. Smooth (with Rob Thomas)
6. Do You Like the Way (with Lauryn Hill and Cee Lo Green)
7. Maria Maria (with Wyclef Jean)
8. Migra
9. Corazon Espinado
10. Wishing It Was (with Eagle-Eye Cherry)
11. El Farol
12. Primavera
13. The Calling (with Eric Clapton)

I honestly had never even heard of Santana when this album was released. I still have never listened to anything else he’s done. I bought the album based on the singles where he’s just playing guitar while a current star was singing, but it makes the countdown due to his songs that I don’t understand most of the words to.

Put Your Lights On is my favorite track, a pretty haunting tune. I’m also a fan of the overplayed Smooth and the overplayed Maria Maria. The rest of the collaborations I can take or leave, especially Lauryn Hill’s. Santana and rap just don’t mix. And while Clapton’s guitar playing is pretty sweet, I’m not a fan of the chanting in his song.

I enjoy all of Santana’s singles. My favorite is probably Africa Bamba, though it competes with Yaleo and Corazon Espinado. His voice is nothing special, but his songs here are quite relaxing and are a nice break from the sometimes overproduced singles.

7 thoughts on “59: Supernatural (Santana)”

  1. Santana and rap just don’t mix.

    Isn’t your favorite track the one with Everlast? I haven’t heard it, so maybe he’s not rapping on it. He’s a rapper, though.

    I’m listening to the Lauryn Hill track right now, because I didn’t even know it existed, as I actively either disliked or got sick of everything on this album from insane overplay. I don’t dislike it, I guess, but it’s not memorable and it’s very scattered.

    I hated “Smooth” from the beginning (and Rob Thomas, for that matter). I liked “Maria Maria” quite a bit until around the 1,274th time I heard it within a month of its release. At college we produced the Greek tragedy Medea just a couple of months after the song was huge, and I sang “Medea, Medea” to amuse/annoy everyone in my path.

    1. Alright, I listened to the Everlast track. Maybe it would grow on me, but it was just sort of there for me in the moment. I do like the guitar solo in the middle.

    2. Rob Thomas also has a high standard deviation of enjoyment. I’m glad you’re finally starting to hate something on my site. It’s been too nice around here.

  2. I own this and I don’t remember any of them after Smooth, Maria Maria and Put Your Lights On. Put Your Lights On probably my fave now, but loved cranking Smooth back then.

    1. I also recall being turned off when another album like this came out. Let’s cash in…yuck. Though I’m pretty sure there are a couple songs I liked from it.

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