55: Eye of the Zombie (John Fogerty)

Album: Eye of the Zombie
Artist: John Fogerty
Year: 1986

1. Goin’ Back Home
2. Eye of the Zombie
3. Headlines
4. Knockin’ on Your Door
5. Change in the Weather
6. Violence is Golden
7. Wasn’t That a Woman
8. Soda Pop
9. Sail Away

Is that a zombie on the album cover or a werewolf? Either way, most critics and fans felt confused by this album and it failed miserably. CCR’s frontman didn’t release another solo album for eleven years after this flop. I’m in the camp that not only enjoys it, but feel it’s better than his #1 album Centerfield, which had too much screaming for my taste.

Goin’ Back Home is a synthesized instrumental that really isn’t worth anyone’s time, and the album pretty much gets better in slow increments from there on out. Most of the songs are classic rockers that highlight John’s guitar work, with repeating beats and choruses. Violence is Golden is his one protest song on the album, but he tries to be funny with it. It’s worth it just to hear him rhyme TNT and enemy.

Soda Pop is a tounge-in-cheek song about advertising. I mostly love it for the chorus which is repeated at least 20 times. Sail Away is one of John’s prettiest ballads and has an almost angelic quality to it, which is bizarre if you know the rest of his work. Overall, this certainly isn’t the best from Fogerty, but if you like him and you like simple rockers, then you might want to give this a go.

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