53: Solid Ground (John Anderson)

Album: Solid Ground
Artist: John Anderson
Year: 1993

1. Money in the Bank
2. I’ve Got It Made
3. I Fell in the Water
4. Bad Love Gone Good
5. All Things to All Things
6. Where I Come From
7. I Wish I Could Have Been There
8. Nashville Tears
9. Can’t Get Away From You
10. Solid Ground

John languished in mediocrity in the 80’s when country music was pretty bad, so it was surprising when he finally became popular in the early 90’s (during his late 30’s), starting with Seminole Wind. He then put together five solid years of top ten hits. His best album is Solid Ground, which had four hits.

Money in the Bank was the first song released and his last number one as an artist. I’ve Got It Made is a really sweet song about being satisfied with your current lot in life. But the album’s killer tune is I Fell in the Water, about idolizing the wrong woman. Most of the rest of the album is John singing about keeping life simple and the environment clean (a common theme throughout his career). It’s repetitive, but pleasant all the same. I Wish I Could Have Been There is his version of Cat’s in the Cradle and was another hit for him.

John never strayed from his Grand Ol’ Opry roots, and most of his stuff is either too silly or too dull for my tastes. Solid Ground hits the sweet spot and is a good introduction to his music.




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