28: No Easy Walk to Freedom (Peter, Paul and Mary)

Album: No Easy Walk to Freedom
Artist: Peter, Paul and Mary
Year: 1986

1. Weave Me the Sunshine
2. Right Field
3. I’d Rather Be In Love
4. State of the Heart
5. No Easy Walk to Freedom
6. Greenland Whale Fisheries
7. Whispered Words
8. El Salvador
9. Greenwood
10. Light One Candle

Everyone’s favorite folk hippies are most famous for puffing on magic dragons, leaving on jet planes, and blowing in the wind. And while I certainly like all of that, this is my favorite collection. Right Field is a classic original, detailing the shame of playing right field for a Little League team.  Greenland Whale Fisheries is an almost 300 years old sea shanty and they do it justice. No Easy Walk to Freedom is a great tribute Nelson Mendela; I’m sure when he was freed four years later it was a fabulous day in the Peter, Paul, and Mary households.

My two favorite songs are State of the Heart, an elegant ballad by Peter, and El Salvador. It’s a scathing, powerful protest song about the then civil war that the U.S. was involved in, and it got the band booed at concerts. I was too young to be aware or concerned about the conflict, so it holds little emotional resonance for me. All I know is that Peter Yarrow rocks it out and it sounds awesome.

3 thoughts on “28: No Easy Walk to Freedom (Peter, Paul and Mary)”

  1. I totally love every song on that album, still listen to it once in a while. I especially like Right Field, as you, Ryan, your Dad and I used to listen to it and sing it together back when . . . well, maybe we didn’t sing it all together at one time, but I remember your Dad singing it.

  2. Good album and my favorite is definitely Greenland Whale Fisheries. I was once at a Gaelic Storm concert at the State Fair and it took me awhile to realize they were singing that song. I definitely preferred the PP&M version.

    I am surprised neither you or mom mentioned how you used to lie in wait all cat-like and pounce on the light switch when ever mom and dad listened to “Light One Candle” and it got to “Don’t let the light go out”

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