7: Warning (Green Day)

Album: Warning
Artist: Green Day
Year: 2000

1. Warning
2. Blood, Sex and Booze
3. Church on Sunday
4. Fashion Victim
5. Castaway
6. Misery
7. Deadbeat Holiday
8. Hold On
9. Jackass
10. Waiting
11. Minority
12. Macy’s Day Parade

I pretty much hated Green Day from the get go. I thought Basket Case was one of the worst songs I’d ever heard, and felt punk was just random noise with raunchy, uninspired lyrics. Thankfully, my palette improved as I aged.  Though it’s far my favorite Green Day song, Good Riddance allowed me to give them (and Basket Case) a second chance. So when Minority was released, I gave it a honest listen. Green Day was my best friend’s favorite band, and at this point I finally allowed him to share the rest of their music with me. And while I didn’t love all of it (in fact, Dookie is probably my least favorite album), I went absolutely ga-ga over Warning.

The first three songs here are loud, emotional, and have fantastic drum work by Tré Cool. Blood, Sex and Booze is one of my favorite songs, and I think the only song in my Top 500 about sadomasochism.  The album continues with original songs, having enough pop hooks to make it relevant for me while keeping the punk lyrics.  Deadbeat Holiday and Waiting are a bit generic, and Castaway has a repetitive chorus, so I don’t always look forward to those songs, but that’s really just nitpicking.

American Idiot gets all of the press (and a Broadway musical!), but it’s far inferior to Warning.

10 thoughts on “7: Warning (Green Day)”

  1. Wow! I usually expect a Green Day album to be in most of my friend’s top list, but I’d never expect to see Warning! Not to say it’s a bad album, it just didn’t get nearly as much attention as Dookie or, as you say, American Idiot. I think my two favorites on this album are Minority (lovely alt. anthem) and Waiting (very nice melody). And I agree that Nimrod’s Good Riddance is one of their best.

  2. Heh. “Basket Case” was immediately my favorite song when it came out, and “Good Riddance” is the song that made me give up on Green Day. I still hate it.

    I did go back to them (not as a superfan, but as a casual fan) around American Idiot time. That’s a pretty great album. Like many, I don’t think I could even be sure whether I’ve heard Warning. Maybe I can rectify that today or tomorrow.

    1. “Basket Case” is top five Green Day for me now. It’s funny how things like that can change. I still like “Good Riddance”, but I wish it hadn’t been overhyped. I remember it being played at my mother’s college graduation. Seriously, this is your sendoff for your graduates? A song titled “Good Riddance?”

      American Idiot was close to making the countdown. But “Wake Me Up When September Ends” angers me so much.

      1. Ugh, yeah. That’s their worst single, though overplay probably made me like Good Riddance less, in the end.

      2. I too dismissed “Basket Case” at first. Now I quite like it.

        At my wife’s college graduation, it was close to 90 degrees and and probably closer to 100 degrees in the gym where the ceremony was held. The valedictorian decided to include a few lines from this song in his already long and painful speech…and then he queued it up the on a CD player and played the entire thing. Us observers were not happy campers.

          1. I figured, but I was secretly hoping the guy used the line “I went to a whore, she said my life’s a bore” in his speech.

    2. Also, I had you listen to “Blood, Sex and Booze” a couple years ago and you said you dug it. So there’s that.

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