2: When I Woke (Rusted Root)

Album: When I Woke
Artist: Rusted Root
Year: 1994

1. Drum Trip
2. Ecstasy
3. Send Me on My Way
4. Cruel Sun
5. Cat Turned Blue
6. Beautiful People
7. Martyr
8. Rain
9. Food & Creative Love
10. Lost in a Crowd
11. Laugh as the Sun
12. Infinite Tamboura
13. Back to the Earth

If you love jam bands, it doesn’t get much better than When I Woke. Drum Trip is just that, a long drum solo that really gets things off to a flying and energetic start, seamlessly introducing the rest of the album. Send Me on My Way is their one and only top 100 song. I used to be crazy about it, but one too many appearances in advertisements has ruined that. Thankfully, nothing else had a chance to be overplayed.

For the most part, the lyrics are not the appeal, though they are more moving on this album than on any other by the band. Cruel Sun is an epic, powerful, anti-war ballad. Beautiful People is another amazing ballad about self-doubt, addiction, and existentialist angst. The rest of the songs, for the most part, have lyrics that are about as deep as your typical country song and often make even less sense, but the wide array of instruments and vocal harmonies blend together for a wonderful listening experience.

3 thoughts on “2: When I Woke (Rusted Root)”

  1. Wow. I’ll have to listen to this. I’m not the enormous jam fan that I used to be, but I still hit those moods occasionally.

    Against all odds, I still love “Send Me On My Way.” I wouldn’t know another of their songs.

  2. This is probably my favorite of the CDs you have given to me to listen to. I know I liked a lot of it, but I couldn’t recall right now how any of them went by name except “send me on my way” and “Laugh as the Sun”

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