License Plates: 30-26

30: Ohio

Wow, this is colorful. It’s nicely drawn, I suppose, but it kind of looks like a page from a Richard Scarry book. I love Richard Scarry, but on a license plate?  I’ll pass.  And come on people, that slogan is impossible to read while I’m standing still in front of my computer screen. No way anyone can read that while driving.

29: Georgia

I’m crazy about the peach design with the state outline in the middle, though not so crazy about it being covered up by the numbers (at least the state outline). Either way, the double-whammy of having the government website along with the county name really hurt this plate.

28: Iowa

Do people really need to advertise what county they’re from?  Who has ever cared, unless you were playing Iowa bingo and “Linn” was your corner square?  Otherwise, this is pretty decent. The stenciled farm in the background is almost too subtle (especially while driving), but it’s a nice scene.

27: Wisconsin

Too much red, but no website or county, so yay!  The farmhouse is cute, but looks like a really old drawing.  And does anyone know what the orange circle is supposed to represent?

26: New Hampshire

“Live Free or Die” has always seemed like an intimidating slogan to me, like our friends in New Hampshire are passive-aggressively letting us know they liberty better than anyone. At least it fits. Politically, they do lean libertarian.  I love the font and how the state name looks. But for the life of me I cannot figure out what that is in the background. Okay, I just looked it up, and it is what I thought I saw: a face in the side of a mountain. Unlike Rushmore, it’s a natural looking one. Apparently, it’s also on their special state quarter. Really, is that all you got, New Hampshire?  Well, they don’t even got that anymore, after the face collapsed under heavy snow in 2003. So there.

7 thoughts on “License Plates: 30-26”

  1. Honestly, I never noticed the farms on Wisconsin or Iowa, and I’ve seen those plates a lot. I kind of like the Iowa plate, though I never knew what was back there until now.

    That’s hilarious that New Hampshire is so bereft of…anything…that they feature a natural wonder that you can’t go see anymore.

  2. Boooo to Wisconsin’s ranking. (Ok, maybe I’m biased.) I’ll defend the red on the plate by equating it with red barns, being America’s dairyland and all.

    I’m not sure what the circle is though. A wheel of cheese would make sense. Could also be a picture of a FIB sailing on one of our lakes around the Dells area.

    1. It’s certainly an inoffensive plate. I figured the red barn itself was good enough to equate it with red barns.

    2. The circle is a setting sun with a sailboat in front of it. On the lake represented by the blue line.

  3. This countdown is amusing so far. You’re coming off Angry Video Game Nerdish. “The colors are too pastel!” “The colors are too vivid! I can’t read it!” “That font is worse than piece of shit, it’s a whole shit” “This license plate can eat my ass”. I’m not going to take the time to go back and double check #30-#50, but I’m pretty sure those are direct quotes.

    That is most definitely a sailboat silhouetted against a sunset. You can see the body of the boat in the blue line of lake. I actually really like that Ohio background. I also challenge you to find Goldbug anywhere in that “Scarry” like plate.

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