License Plates: 35-31

35: Tennessee

I adore the background on this plate. In fact, it’s one of my favorites in the country. And the state’s outline works perfectly where it is. On the other hand, the font for the state’s name is too cursivey for me, and the state’s slogan is microscopic. But it also annoys me when states insert the county on the plate, just in case you forget where you live.  It’s even worse on this plate because it covers up the beautiful background.

34: South Dakota

I don’t totally hate the cursive here. The slogan is alright, but a little cutesy. I know South Dakota is not famous for much other than Mount Rushmore, but it just doesn’t work for me here, as nearly all of it has to be covered up by the plate number.

33: Pennsylvania

Here are those marching band colors again!  I do appreciate that the website advertised at the bottom is not repeating the name of the state, and is their tourist versus their government site.  But that just makes me hate it less.

32: Nebraska

This would be a really solid plate if not for the outline of Nebraska. Not only is it red, it feels like a child drew it and then randomly wrote some letters and numbers over it.  Doesn’t fit at all.  Oh wow, I just noticed the state website there in ultra tiny font.  That’s just ridiculous. Just assume I ranked this lower than I did.

31: Arkansas

I may be seeing things, but are these two different shades of maroon? If so, why? Color consistency is bizarrely missing on some of these. Anyway, that gaudy diamond knocks this plate down a couple of pegs. I don’t even think it would work if made smaller.  At least they picked a perfect font for the state name.

8 thoughts on “License Plates: 35-31”

    1. Wow, that was going to be my first comment too.

      I sort of like the Tennessee plate, and SD could be worse, but the other three are pretty bad. I’ve lived in three states and none of them have shown up so far. Well, would you look at that?

  1. Yeah, that Nebraska plate is awful. I’m going to pretend you just had a typo and that ‘3’ in there should have been a ‘4’.

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