License Plates: 25-21

25: Colorado

I think this depiction of the Rockies is just fine. But I don’t get the green sky.

24: Kentucky

Absolutely love the horse coming off the ‘y’ in Kentucky, and using the state outline as a divider works as well. But again with the damn county, and the state’s motto is impossible to read.  Why even put it on there if you need a microscope?

23: Idaho

Bright and colorful, easy to read. It’s one example of red on a plate I don’t entirely hate. And I prefer the depiction of the Rockies here better than on Colorado.  But I can’t stop laughing every time I read “Famous Potatoes.”  It’s just so damn corny.

22: New York

I love navy blue and mustard together. The curved line (and the curved slogan) seems a bit ostentatious to me. Also, New York does not have a pretty state outline, what with Manhattan looking like a broken tail. Perhaps a hyphen would work better there.

21: Indiana

The emblem of the state flag is pretty sweet, and it’s one of the few plates that isn’t completely centered. But just like with Tennessee, the county looks taped on there. Why can’t it blend in with the background color, at least?

5 thoughts on “License Plates: 25-21”

  1. I laughed my ass off the first time I read “Famous Potatoes.” I did today, too.

    I’ve always wondered about that green Colorado sky, too. Nuclear power plant reference, I guess.

  2. I’ve been trying to figure out the county thing since this count-down started. I thought maybe they had slightly different registration fees based on county, or something, but I’ve not been able to find anything.

    I did, however, find that Nebraska used to have “The Beef State” on their plates. They need to do that again.

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