The Friendless Frog

I wrote the following on the back of receipts while I was cashiering at Target. That fact doesn’t relate to the poem in anyway, other than to say boredom can be inspiring.

A Peruvian frog
hopped on my lap
and croaked “Hello chap!”
“What’s shakin’?”

I looked into his beady eyes
He smiled and said, “You be surprised?”
“Well, no” I replied.

Then he did a somersault.
I yawned.

He stuck out his hand
An ampersand
Tattooed in lavender;
I showed him mine.

“What’s it take?”
The frog inquired.
I just stared up at the sky
and smiled.

I thought he got it when he sat
Quietly, upon my lap.

But then he perked his head and said
“You buffoon!”

“I cannot jump over the moon!”

3 thoughts on “The Friendless Frog”

    1. Yeah it’s probably my most unconventional mix of rhymes and not-rhymes. One of my favorites as well, if not my favorite. I had no idea what this poem was going to be about when I wrote the first stanza; it just sounded fun.

  1. sort of reminds me of the poem I wrote at ARCC titled “Frog Songs.” Do you remember that one? Anyhow, my favorite lines are:
    He stuck out his hand
    An ampersand
    tatooed in lavender

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