Change in the Weather

…and not only did he grow up here, he now lives on an avocado ranch.

I did not know that about Tom Selleck! Well thank you for that, John. Up next is a story that is sure to interest some of you. And to break it is our own weather girl, Bri. Hi, Bri! I see you have your Pasotti umbrella with you.

Thanks, Christina. And I’m afraid I may have to buy a new one after today.

Why is that, Bri?

Well, as you can probably see, it is indeed raining Milk-Bones.

That is interesting. Have you spoken with anyone regarding this development?

Yes, just a minute ago I spoke with Dick Wolf. He said he was in New York and didn’t know about the weather here, but he assured me that he and his family had nothing to do with it.

Thanks, Bri. And have you tried Michael J. Fox?

I did talk to his agent, who was with him. He said Michael couldn’t come to the phone, but that he was just shaking at hearing the news. I told him to ask Michael if the bones came from Canada, and I was hung up on.

That does sound suspicious. Is there anyone there you can talk to?

Most humans have decided to remain indoors during this event, but I do have a bull terrier with me. He’s being pelted by a deluge of Milk-Bones, but does appear to be enjoying one as well.

Is that Spuds McKenzie?

I don’t know, Christina. Should I put my Ray-Bans on him?

I say go for it!

Okay! Here. We. Go. Can we have a word from you little Spudsie?


I think that says it all. Back to you, Christina.

Thanks, Bri! So John, how ‘bout them Lakers?

One thought on “Change in the Weather”

  1. I did not know that!

    I still occasionally type that at people. I love satirical banter. It’s hardly different from actual banter, but self-awareness makes it fun.

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