Andrew Stanton

A Bug’s Life: Ants are tormented by grasshoppers, and one particular ant is tormented by the other ants. A bit similar to Antz, released the same year, and I like both equally for different reasons. You can tell Pixar was still getting their feet wet with plot and humor, but the visuals are pretty fantastic.

Grade: B-

Finding Nemo: See Lee Unkrich

Grade: B

WALL-E: A delightful tale about a robot designed to pick up and organize trash on Earth while the humans colonize elsewhere. The first 22 minutes have no dialogue, and the next 18 don’t have much either as we watch WALL-E cope with his situation. We learn about him, his struggles, his goals, and his personality without any words being said. It’s a huge testament to the writers and animators and  what we get is one of the best first halves of any movie ever. The last half focuses more on the humans that left Earth and their plight is a little less original from a storytelling perspective. Still, an amazing accomplishment from a company that has no shortage of them.

Grade: A+

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2 thoughts on “Andrew Stanton”

  1. WALL-E is easily my favorite Pixar movie. I think its because, not only is it a really, really good movie, but the feat of expressing so much without words made it all the more impressive.

  2. WALL*E is one of my favorite movies period, setting aside any basic Pixar list. One of the reasons I finally left my old internet stomping grounds was that a guy on our “Movie Day” was talking about it and suggested that it “had no plot.” I couldn’t hang out any longer at a place where dudes were too stupid to divine the plot from a film just because it was quiet. Unbelievable.

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