Best Moments of TNG: 24, 23

24. Saucer Separation and Reattachment

Episode: Encounter at Farpoint (1.01)

There was a lot wrong with the show’s pilot. The characters were mostly stiff, the lighting was off, and Troi was in too much pain. But the music was fantastic, and showing off their entire special effects budget with the all-new saucer separation and reattachment was a brilliant idea. Both of these moments still give me chills.


23. The Minstrel Boy

Episode: The Wounded (4.12)

The great actor Colm Meaney gets a moment on the countdown despite being sparingly used on the show. Reconnecting with his old captain–who has gone completely haywire–is an honest and touching moment. And right after this we get treated by a cold and calculated conversation between Picard and Gul Macet. A great introduction for the Cardassians.

4 thoughts on “Best Moments of TNG: 24, 23”

  1. This place could be named “Death by Nostalgia”. Never watched the first episode of TNG til now. May start going back an watching some more.

    Don’t know if I’ve seen the episode with that “Minstrel Boy” episode, but I recognized Gul Macet right away as Gul Dukat from DS9.

    1. Heh. I guess “Troggles” implies that a bit.

      Good job catching that. Did you also recognize him from moment #40 on the countdown?

      1. Ha, I did not. I’ll blame it on internet sound combined with them talking on view screen. He got around on Star Trek. I see he had four roles on TNG alone.

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