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Best Moments of TNG: 12, 11

12. Riker Dines With Klingons

Episode: A Matter of Honor (2.08)

This episode was probably the best in the series for the development of Riker’s character, which is a shame, since it was all the way back in season two. He does a brilliant job as first officer aboard the Klingon vessel. He researched the hell out of the position and put aside all of his humility to own it. My favorite part is mealtime, where he manages to impress the hell out of everyone in the room, both in humor and philosophy.


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Best Moments of TNG: 14, 13

14. Wolf 359

Episode: Best of Both Worlds (4.01)

One reason I enjoy the second half of this episode is that despite everyone knowing that the Borg wasn’t going to take over the entire federation, the writers didn’t limit the damage to just a few deaths. For the Borg to remain a formidable enemy, they needed to cause some massive destruction. And they do. And it’s all shown with very little dialogue. Dropping the name of the ship that Riker turned down was a nice touch.


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Best Moments of TNG: 16, 15

16. Psychotic Riker

Episode: Parallels (7.11)

This whole episode is filled with little great moments as Worf jumps from one reality to another. My favorite moment, though, has to be when they encounter a reality where things are going so badly for the Federation, that Riker himself has lost all his values and is willing to more or less destroy the universe to escape death. Plus, the beard!


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Best Moments of TNG: 18, 17

18. Can Data Murder?

Episode: The Most Toys (3.22)

After getting kidnapped to be a trophy, Data utilizes passive resistance to try to foil his captor. But things change when his captor murders one of his associates in cold blood. Data then has to decide whether or not ending his captor’s life (who is not threatening his life in any way) would fit into his programming. More great character development for him.


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