Best Moments of TNG: 26, 25

26. Picard Regrets Adultery

Episode: The Perfect Mate (5.21)

Picard, ever the diplomat, struggles with the rights of a woman who was bred specifically to be a gift to a warring neighbor. The first person she mates with, she becomes permanently bonded to, able to provide them immense pleasure. In a moment of weakness Picard allows himself to be bonded to her, one night before her wedding. The end result in heartbreaking.


25. Picard Defends Himself Against Treason

Episode: The Drumhead (4.21)

While most courtroom scenes are contrived, I’m still a sucker for them. This one is written well, not only for Picard’s passionate defense, but also Admiral Henry’s reaction to the proceedings.

3 thoughts on “Best Moments of TNG: 26, 25”

      1. I’ve always been driven crazy by their legal system, but this episode epitomizes that “legal system perverting its own purposes” trope, and does it better than most.

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