Fiction 59–Deity

Deity Vocational Questionnaire (True deities only! Demigods, turn to page 17)

1. How long does it take you to create a universe?

a. billions of years
b. six days, then hoo-boy am I tired!
c. As long as I goddam feel like

2. (Essay Question) Some living things will deny your existence. How do you feel about killing them?

K: Yikes. That’s hopefully as cynical as these get. It’s an okay joke that probably works better with a lot more words.

MD: Straight, to the point, and made me smile. Especially the last question. GOLD

W: I smirked, but I don’t think I got much farther. C, of course, is the right answer to question 1. Meh is probably the right answer to question 2.

I was not inspired this time around and consider myself lucky to walk away with a gold. Out of the field of 19, I am currently in 5th place with seven weeks to go.

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