Fiction 59–Artist

Louisa picked up a checker. “If I move it there, it looks like a tree!”

Harry squirmed on his elbows. “But that’s against the rules!”

“Or here, and it becomes a spaceship!”

“Mom!” Harry ran to the kitchen. “Lou’s not following the rules!”

Louisa ignored her brother. “And if I move these…” She smiled proudly. “It’s a unicorn!”

K: I can dig this. Harry’s obsessed with the game and Lou’s obsessed with the art. I do like a story where both characters are the good guy and the bad guy in their own way; funny that something this simple would be the one to manage the feat best this week. BRONZE

MD: This doesn’t involve kittens. Boo. However, this also doesn’t involve child molestation. YAY! It’s endearing and normal, and oh my god, I’m so relieved. SILVER

W: I liked the children celebrating Namirala more, but Louisa is cute enough. I have a brother who made a living sandbagging games he was growing bored playing, so I completely understand Harry’s exasperation.

I’m definitely Harry. When I was in kindergarten, I would tattle on kids who didn’t follow the rules. I’ve grown up a lot since then. Now I just keep to myself and stew for hours about why anyone would ever not want to follow the rules. Needless to say, I’m not an artist!

I have slipped back to fifth place in the standings with one week left. However, I put some distance between myself and 7th place. Making the playoffs is not a

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