Fiction 59 Semifinals–Thief

The bedroom door creaked. Jennifer was sure the coast was clear, but sighed with relief when a quick survey revealed nobody. Tip-toeing, she entered.

She had always wanted a little girl. A baby wouldn’t hit her or be mean. A baby would love her. Now was her chance. Without hesitation, she swiped Mom’s pills and headed for the toilet.

K: Smart and fun twist. We have dark, then what?, then dark, then fun. Sure, this isn’t the kind of thing Jennifer should do, but her heart’s in the right place, right? Again, the characters shine through despite not interacting. GOLD

MD: Compared to the other entries, this is straight-forward. No flowery, purple prose here. Is this an extension on the story of the kid who gets beat up after catching her parents having sex? The only downfall of this story is that the age of the narrator isn’t clear. She’s old enough to know what those pills do, but young enough to think her abusive parents having more babies is a good plan. BRONZE

W: At first, I thought this was an homage to Raising Arizona. Now, I’m not quite sure what sort of demented Coen Brothers scenario was imagined. Maybe, I’m just being a little dense here (and, like with Pepper’s last story, I just struggle to put myself in the mind of a female character), but is she trying to induce labor? increase fertility? What is up with the pills? Nonetheless, I like this story a little more than the first one. BRONZE

The winner this week scored two gold medals and a silver. Third place scored two silvers. That means I eked out second place by one point and am headed to the finals! The final prompt will be about a “champion” and results will be posted here sometime on Tuesday.

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