Survivor XV, Challenge 9: Damn Mutants

So we have a guy who’s developed a superpower, but ends up not dealing with it so well. Word limit of 300.

Dinner was almost ready. Neatly folded napkins and sterling silverware adorned each setting. An ornate, silver candelabra dominated the center of the table. Five candles were waiting to be lit, each one in honor of the seated guests. A sixth setting at the table was barren save a golden timepiece.

Last year, Colby found the damned thing on a trip to the Solomon Islands. What had been a refreshing retreat instantly turned into a living hell. The watch kept time perfectly when it was open. When it was closed, time froze for everyone but Colby. Impossible to resist and only fun for a few months, the watch isolated him from society. But tonight was special.

Jerry, his boss at the firm, was at the head of the table. Colby recently quit his job, as money was easy to come by now. But Jerry had financed his trip to the Pacific, so he deserved to be treated.

Mom was sitting next to him. She talked him into going on vacation. Said he needed a break after Kathryn cheated on him.

Kathryn was next to Mom. He still loved her, despite what she had done.

His best friend Jake was able to make it as well. He introduced him to Kathryn. It seemed appropriate they be seated next to each other.

Finally, there was Carl. He cut Colby off in traffic this morning.

He lit each candle as a silent thank you to his guests, who smiled back at him.

Each of them had a gift for Colby on their dinner plates. Surveying the table, he laughed. Jerry’s right hand. Mom’s tongue. Kathryn’s breasts. Jake’s testicles. Carl’s middle finger. Dinner was ready.

Colby opened the watch.

K: This watch is one of the single most fun ideas we’ve ever had, and I’ve half a mind to run a challenge around it. The list of guests seems almost clinical and I was all, “get on with it” until we got the money line about Carl cutting Colby off in traffic, and I knew we were headed for a good bit of comedic horror. I grinned hard at this wicked revenge fantasy. SILVER

DK: I don’t know, man. It’s not really his mom or Jerry’s fault that the trip turned out bad, is it? I mean, the rest of them I get, at least in the context of “dude be crazy”, but he’s spreading the blame around a little wide even for me.

MG: Eesh. Not at all where you’d expect this little superpower conceit to have gone. Grizzly scene not at all hinted at before the smack to the face arrives. SILVER

I wasn’t totally happy with how I set this scene up. I think I needed about 600 words to really ramp up the horror. But I’m pleased with the results for sure.

As for the Walrus, well we squeaked by again, one medal point away from being last place. Nine challenges and eleven eliminations in and we still have our entire team.

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