14. Triple Trouble

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Most of the bosses in the NES Mario games just aren’t particularly imposing. Sure, there was Koopa (or his imitators or whatever) in the first game, but those fireballs moved so slooowly, and all you had to do was get behind him. The Koopa in the third game don’t do much better, and are generally the easiest of whichever level they inhabit. This is not a problem that SMB2 is burdened with.

A mouse? Who throws bombs?? WHILE WEARING SUNGLASSES!?!? Hell, yeah!


Wart himself is imposing as hell, but the runner-up has to be Tryclyde, the three-headed snake boss of worlds 2 and 6. He doesn’t just a fireball or two, he shoots streams of fireballs, and he reloads at an alarming pace. The first time you meet him is cool enough, but not very difficult. The second time, on the other hand?

That’s another matter entirely.

2 thoughts on “14. Triple Trouble”

  1. Yes! TriClyde is awesome. I played this so much that the only challenge by the end was to see if I could do it without dying once in the whole thing (which I managed at least thirty times), but the second TriClyde was always one of the few areas I worried about.

    1. I find I’m more likely to play a game I’ve beaten if there are moments like this that are not automatic. I also love boss battles that are more than just button mashing. Having to create your own defense system before attacking the boss is just a great idea

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