12. Leap of Faith

presented by nibbishment

The first level of world 8 featured a jump which needed a fair bit of precision (the jump onto the singular pillar towards the end of the level), but at least you could see the landing zone when you made the jump. About halfway through the second level, you were denied that opportunity.

Well, I mean… there has to be something over there, right?

Back in the day, I wasn’t a big fan of running across gaps, so I dutifully positioned myself on the right pillar, and put everything I could into a flying leap.

Son of a…

2 thoughts on “12. Leap of Faith”

  1. I was a little bugged that this moment existed, but it’s not the most impossible jump, so alright.

    If it had been another one with a single block, it would have been a game-killingly awful moment.

    1. It’s worth remembering that while the series ended up being know for midair momentum changing, laser-precise jumping, and overall ignore-inertia-on-a-dime everything, the first game generally played like bicycling through oatmeal. Momentum was all.

      Most of the reason this one’s on the list was the initial gobsmacked awe the player had when they saw it. The single pillar was already something, this was just adding on.

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