9. Inception

So this dreamworld in SMB2 also has a subworld beneath it, and instead of Mal trying to kill you, it has energy bar mushrooms and coins that can be played in the extra life lottery that all good dreams have.

Mario’s totem

If you throw the dream-within-a-dream potion near a snake pot, you can go down the snake pot (that’s not as fun as it seems). Most of the time, it just wakes you up. But one time while sabotaging my sweet deep sleep I plunged down a pot and wound up halfway through the game. Yeah! Finding the others was a bunch of fun and more satisfying than  simply climbing a ceiling or a vine.

Of course, when I play it now, I never use the warp zones, as I want to experience the whole game. But when you’re eight years old and you want to beat the game faster than you brother, you look for any advantage you can take.

SMB2 warp 1-3.png
The dangers of too much Ambien


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