Top 50 Original Theme Songs

I listen to theme songs. Like, I have an entire playlist devoted to them on my mp3 player. I think that qualifies me to prattle on about them for a month. 

A lot of work used to go into creating catchy, original songs for the opening or closing credits of your favorite shows. These days, most shows either forgo songs all together (e.g. Lost) or they grab something already in existence that fits the show’s personality (e.g. Friends, Wonder Years, Scrubs).

For the next five weeks, we’ll cover two songs per day. These 50 are the ones most likely to get stuck in my head all day, but in a totally good way.

I always sing out of tune


3 thoughts on “Top 50 Original Theme Songs”

  1. LOST, Friends, The Wonder Years and Scrubs are “these days?”

    But for reals, most of my favorite shows do have original soundtracks, it seems, although certainly a lot of shows forgo them.

    1. Ha ha.

      I don’t watch a lot of current TV, obviously. I did try looking up lists of favorite theme songs from the past 10 years. A lot seemed to be pulled from previously released albums. I’m sure you’ll enlighten me to awesome ones I miss

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