Original Theme Songs: 22, 21

22. Tiny Toon Adventures

Composer: Bruce Broughton, Tom Ruegger, Wayne Kaatz

So yeah, those guys won a Daytime Emmy for this song. Not sure what that means, really, but yeah this song’s awesome.

21. M*A*S*H

Composer: Johnny Mandel

While I’m crazy about this theme, I’m not a big fan of the lyrical version of the song “Suicide is Painless.” Funny thing, though, it was written by the 14 year-old son of the director of the movie, Robert Altman and the song made ten times more money in royalties for the boy than his dad did for the movie.

I suppose it’s not an original theme song in that it was taken from the movie, but eh.

4 thoughts on “Original Theme Songs: 22, 21”

  1. Damn. If my 14-year-old son wrote a song and named it “Suicide is Painless,” I’d probably talk to him a bit about it.

    I actually don’t love either of these songs. In the Tiny Toons case it’s probably just too overbearing (yes, I know that’s the point, so it’s all good) and as for M*A*S*H it was just that “boring show that I hate” as a kid. I never did get around to watching it with adult eyes.

    1. MASH has some great moments, especially dramatic, but there’s a lot of dumb, slapstick humor that gets old very fast. They slowly moved away from slapstick once the characters of Henry and Frank left, and Margaret went from floozy to strong woman. Still, it wasn’t crazy funny and there was way too much laugh track. Alda was a little overbearing as he took control of the show.

      Still one of the best final episodes of any show.

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