Original Theme Songs: 10, 9

10. Animaniacs

Composer: Richard Stone

Artist: Every character

I really wish this show would have come out about four years earlier. If it had, I probably would have watched every episode. It’s a rich man’s Tiny Toon Adventures, with more adult referential humor without alienating the kids. It was also educational at times. Pretty much the perfect cartoon.

The last line of the intro is different for most episodes and includes a word that rhymes with “zany.” The video below mashes together all of the endings.

9. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Composer: Sean Altman and David Yazbek

Artist: Rockapella

I was a geography nut even before this show came out. So when I found it, I was hooked in about two seconds. But no doubt this game show’s popularity was helped by Rockapella, who created one of the most recognizable theme songs possibly ever. I love that the group would change the lyrics if a country in their song (like Czechoslovakia) ceased to exist.

2 thoughts on “Original Theme Songs: 10, 9”

  1. I should have been younger for Animaniacs as well. I’ve seen some recently thanks to having kids, though.

    WITWICS was watched religiously around my house, and I suspect this song was part of the reason. I listen to Rockapella to this day.

    1. I just noticed animaniacs is free streaming with Amazon prime, so I’m going to see if my daughter will enjoy it. I hope she does.

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