Original Theme Songs: 8, 7

8. Firefly

Composer: Joss Whedon

Artist: Sonny Rhodes

Did you know Whedon wrote the theme song? If not, now you do. DeathByTroggles: The More You Know.

At first the theme song seems inappropriate for a sci-fi show as “The Ballad of Serenity” is country-western. But then you watch the show, and yup, it fits right in.

7. Big Bang Theory

Composer: Barenaked Ladies

Artist: Barenaked Ladies

There’s a pretty regular joke that this show has been #1 for years and nobody knows anybody who admits to watching it. Well, I’ve seen quite a bit of it (in syndication, while doing other stuff). It’s pretty terrible. The first few episodes showed some promise, but it quickly devolved into the same bad jokes and catchphrases week in and week out.

What is still awesome if the theme song. And here’s an example of the extended version being even awesomer. I’m a huge Barenaked Ladies fan, and this song is very professionally done.

6 thoughts on “Original Theme Songs: 8, 7”

  1. That Firefly theme and soundtrack was awesome.

    Yeah, Big Bang Theory is awful. It’s terribly predictable, even for a sitcom. I hadn’t ever caught the theme before this. It’s not too bad.

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