2. The Twins Have Won It

Game: Twins vs. Braves (1991 World Series, Game 7)
Date: October 27, 1991
Announcer: Jack Buck

I had recently turned 11 when this game occurred, and no doubt this game was just as crazy as game 163 in 2009. But at age 11 I’m not sure I had the capacity to feel as anxious as I do as an adult. Still, I do remember being on the edge of my seat all night.

What I love about this call is that Buck doesn’t waste any words describing Larkin’s fly ball. He knows as soon as it leaves the bat that the game is over, and he calls it that way. And, despite being accused of being a National League homer, Buck seemed genuinely excited with this call.

So what call could possibly top this one? Tune in Monday to find out!

One thought on “2. The Twins Have Won It”

  1. That’s my favorite hit of all time and everything, but I never thought Buck’s call sounded like genuine enthusiasm. I thought it sounded manufactured for the sake of the Minnesota fans. Then again, I’m cynical and I hate everything.

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