Play With The Prose 6: Challenge 9

“And my heart’s breaking faster than my will not to call you
’Cause when you said that you wanted me I thought it was true”

He could barely look at girls he liked, let alone talk to them. But he had just passed a note to Elizabeth. And she was reading it!

While he had a crush on several girls, Elizabeth was something else. A few weeks ago, they were making book covers out of grocery bags in science class. He had a hard time figuring out how to fold it, and she offered to help. Her smile as she handed his book back to him had permanently etched into his memory.

He figured at this point she was past the pleasantries and at the part where he said he liked her. He tried not to look at her too much, but she noticed. She smiled again!

He got the nerve to ask her out after class yesterday, where they had worked on a lab assignment together and he managed to make her laugh. Twice! Her laugh was perfect.

Staring at his textbook, he pretended to study. About five minutes later, the note was back on his desk. She had written back!

Dear Cory,

Thank you for the lovely note! I really appreciate you telling me your feelings. It takes a MAN to say the sweet things you did! I am honestly *touched* that you like me and that you asked me out. Unfortunately, I just got out of a bad relationship and I’m not ready to date someone right now. You’re a really nice guy, though. Well, I guess that’s all I have to say. Thank you!



He could barely breathe the rest of study hall. Shaking, he wrote a response, then waited until the bell. He then tossed it at her. She opened it.

My name is CODY

CP: Ah, puppy love. At the story’s beginning, I couldn’t figure out why the main character’s name wasn’t given, but I understood once I reached the end. This has more specific details than the first two pieces, but it overexplains everything that’s happening. I would have liked this more if it didn’t come out and tell us everything Cody is thinking. The girl’s mistake is kind of funny, and it would be more so if the characters didn’t seem so goshdarn sincere. SILVER

DG: mmhm.  mmhm. It establishes the setting and then delivers the joke.  BRONZE

It wasn’t meant to be a joke, but I can see how one would think that. It’s just meant to make it even more heartbreaking for Cody. Anyway, most of this happened to me, except the name gaffe. Ah, high school.

The good news is that I’m now in first place with three challenges left. The bad news is that very little separates me from fourth place.

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