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I think my days of making daily posts here at Death By Troggles are over. I’ve pretty much covered all of the mass media countdowns that I consider myself even remotely qualified to talk about. And with a young child and more demands at work, I find I’m coveting sleep over this site. Still, I love writing and I will continue to post. Tomorrow you’ll get to see whether or not I won the writing competition, and I’ll continue to post short stories I write. If I ever finish watching Deep Space Nine, I’ll probably do a countdown for that show. I almost never play video games anymore, but perhaps I’ll find something else to write about the ones I have played. If people are jonesing for reviews of fan-made text adventures, I could knock out about 40 pages right there.

The Director Series I did in 2013 was pretty popular. I’ve avoided doing any movie countdowns, because I honestly don’t remember enough about most movies I see to talk about them intelligently or find my favorite clips or whatever. But I enjoy talking about them, especially middling movies which aren’t to come up on a “Best Of” or “Worst Of” list. So when I have time I’ll use a random number generator to pick a movie I’ve seen. I’ll post something about it and open it up for discussion. Perhaps I’ll learn something along the way and have some fun. Hope to see you here.

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