Teen Wolf

Year: 1985
Director: Rod Daniel

Summary: A highschooler discovers that he is a werewolf. And suddenly really good at basketball.

Times Watched: Several times in the 80’s and 90’s on TV

My Experience: You know the advertisers think the movie sucks when they remind people in the poster that the main actor was in an awesome movie earlier THAT YEAR. That said, the movie is so ridiculous it’s watchable. All of the teenagers are obviously in their mid 20’s. Why being a werewolf would make any kid popular AND good at basketball is hilarious. And then you have the Hollywood protagonist overcomes all his problems with the winning shot after he loses his ability to be a werewolf. If it weren’t for Michael J. Fox’s charm, it probably wouldn’t have seen the theater.

One thought on “Teen Wolf”

  1. I saw this on HBO at my grandparents’ house several times. I think this was one of the movies that taught me that I needed something better than what my cousins were watching. They thought this movie was amazing. Oy.

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