Now You See Me

Year: 2013
Director: Louis Leterrier

Summary: An FBI agent and an Interpol detective track a team of illusionists who pull off bank heists during their performances and reward their audiences with the money.

Times Watched: 1

My Experience: Now You See Me has a really good hook, which is the only explanation as to why I sat all the way through it. The first half of the movie, when you’re actually getting to see the bank heists and magic performances, is entertaining. The last half, which is an utterly preposterous and overly-complicated build-up to a super-duper twist ending, is just nauseating. Keeping track of who is on who’s side is almost impossible, and when you find out the answers at the end it’s unsatisfying. Caine and Freeman have a good mano-y-mano conversation early, but their roles aren’t fleshed out. Woody is fun, as usual.

Hard to recommend. Just watch The Sting again.

2 thoughts on “Now You See Me”

  1. The second half of this movie is just a complete mess. It had the potential to be fine, but really, really couldn’t stick the landing (or the half hour that led up to the landing, really… even without the preposterous bits, the movie gets boring in a hurry once it starts trying to show you the bigger plan). Even Mark Ruffalo, who I usually like, is just not good.

    Woody’s good, and there’s some fun bits in the first half, that’s about all I can say.

    1. it is the worst I’ve ever seen Mark Ruffalo. He just has this tired smirk on his face for whole movie, as though he didn’t even believe the plot.

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