19. Go Your Own Pace

I had played many RPGs before Final Fantasy VI, and one thing never changed; everything was leisurely. You did not play an RPG if you wanted action or speed. And hey, if it took you a good hour or two to accomplish a task, that was all part of the satisfying grinding needed to advance.


That only took my whole weekend!


So when I reached South Figaro and found this relic called “Sprint Shoes,” I was curious. Then ecstatic. There’s nothing like the freedom of speed after being forced to move at a snail’s pace for years. There were actually times when playing Dragon Quest that I would use the “Return” spell to return to the same town I was in just because it would be quicker to cast the spell than to actually walk to the front of the town. With the Sprint Shoes, you could do your business and get out as fast as you wanted.

In retrospect, this shouldn’t even be a top moment. Wasting one of two precious relic spots so you can walk fast is pretty ridiculous. Chrono Trigger (and pretty much every RPG since) allows you to walk as slow as fast as you want without any special power-up. Had I played Chrono Trigger first, I probably would not have been impressed with the Sprint Shoes. But I didn’t, and I was.

So fast you can’t see anyone!


3 thoughts on “19. Go Your Own Pace”

  1. Not sure I would have thought to include this on my own hypothetical list, but I do think it belongs. The only way to do that stupid magic tower is sprint shoes and the thing that eliminates random battles.

    1. The first time I did the magic tower, I did not have the Moogle Charm you allude to. It took me one hour to climb the tower. And the battle with the MagiMaster took me 2 hours. And how effing stupid that the only way to make it not annoying is by using a relic that feels like a cheat code?

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