14. Dancing Mad

presented by nibbishment

You’ve met Kefka, now it’s time to really meet Kefka.

The beginning of the end.
Uh… he’ll be down any second now.

So, you’ve made it through the outer tower and defeated the revamped Ultima Weapon, as well as the warring triad itself. Now, all that’s left is to finish the fight.

“Dancing Mad” is, in my opinion, an equal to the much more famous “One Winged Angel”, and I love how it’s utilized here, with each of the final four battles getting their own movement (the change to the next movement when you defeat the boss is subtle and well done) as you make your way up the statue of the gods (being careful not to die, as anyone who’s dead when you move onto the next section of the statue isn’t coming back).

Then, finally… Kefka descends from the sky to personally take you on as the final movement of the song begins.

3 thoughts on “14. Dancing Mad”

  1. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve done this, and yet I still just watched the whole thing.

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