Play with the Prose VII, Challenge 2: Matt Novak

For our second challenge, we had to simply write about religion. I had initially hoped to write about how the intergalactic pasta wars led to the rise of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Then I realized I only had 150 words and I’m not Douglas Adams. So I decided to tackle an older religion:

Ra’s heat was especially comfortable today. The Apis bull was being led through the middle of town, for what he didn’t know. He didn’t know much as it were. But he knew he liked the bread dough he was being fed. Kids were smelling him. He snorted.

A palace was before him. He wondered how much grass, if any, was in there. He quite enjoyed grass. His ears perked slightly. Was that the soft, sultry warble of a cow or two?

As they reached the palace steps he felt a slight tug on the rope. The dough was removed from sight. People were crowding him. Many were on their knees. Some were chanting. Most were looking at him, expectantly.

Craning his neck, he surveyed the throng. People gasped. He sensed he should do something.


That proved to be an excellent decision.

K: I love this. The cow is “present,” but still fairly stupid; I think the voice is consistent and captured in a charming way. It’s also interesting that Ra showed up twice. Dude’s gonna challenge Christianity up in here! GOLD

CW: Maybe I’m a sucker for the abnormal, but capturing the religious experience from the eyes of the ritual sacrifice is great. This was a fun read. – GOLD

Well how about that! After being shut out in the first challenge, I get a perfect score and launch up to third place in the standings. Not only that, the next challenge is to write like myself! Specifically, the prompt will to be write about a time travelling social worker. Sweeeeet.

I was doing research on ancient religions, and read about the Apis bull. If kids smelled him, they would be considered to have oracle powers. And then the bull was wined and dined for life, given a harem for his pleasure. When he died, he was given a sarcophagus fit for a pharaoh. Definitely not a sacrifice!


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