4. Celes’ Lonely Island

So, what’s the first thing you do after watching the world fall apart because you were too powerless to stop it form happening? Starve an old man to death and attempt suicide, of course.

Fun kids games!
Fun kids games!

In fairness, this first bit of despair is by far the most poignant of the second half storylines. Better yet, it gets tinged with hope when Celes finds out the world might not be completely dead after all (how she was able to tell that from a single bandana is a perfect moment to use the MST3K mantra).

Of course, if you catch all the big fish, this moment never even takes place, which robs the whole thing of some of its narrative heft (and also, it feels more than a little weird to leave the old guy who was practically on his deathbed a moment ago in the cottage while you run off and take on the nightmarish post-apocalyptic world by yourself).

It's probably what he wanted, anyway
It’s probably what he wanted, anyway

8 thoughts on “4. Celes’ Lonely Island”

    1. Yeah, I didn’t realize you had to give him certain types of fish. I thought it was an excellent lesson in futility. When I learned years later you could save him, it kind of ruined the moment. At least there’s no material reward for saving him so you can do whatever choice is more rewarding for you.

    1. I don’t remember if I’ve ever cried during a video game. If I did, it was during Final Fantasy Legend II.

      I hear I might during The Walking Dead if I ever get around to playing it.

  1. I too thought it was odd that Cid could be saved; it was one of those moments where I can see why the developers thought it was a cool idea, but Cid’s death and the scene thereafter should have been left intact. After I found out Cid could be saved, I always chose to save him, because I figured, why wouldn’t I? So I’ve only seen the suicide scene once.

    Important question: what the hell is Cid wearing?

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