Turbo Survivor II, Challenge 7: Distillation

For this challenge, you will take a well-known movie, book, TV show or other pop culture phenomenon and distill it down to exactly fifteen words.  A winning entry will be not only true to the subject matter, but clever as well.
TIME LIMIT: 15 Minutes
WORD LIMIT: 15 EXACTLY.  A submission with more or fewer will be disqualified.  Remember that the title of the work is not counted.

Back to the Future

Teenage boy hates his family. Almost makes out with Mom. Now his family is awesome!

K: Damn, yo. I laughed hard at this payoff. After all this years and repeated viewings, it’s still amazing to me that a movie with incestual overtones is so damn charming and sweet. GOLD
 MN – I laughed hardest at this one. The exclamation point really sells the idiocy. SILVER

I figure why make it difficult so I went with the movie I’ve maybe seen a hundred times.

My team rebounded quite nicely and finished in a comfortable second place this week. Now 16 players left. I wonder if we’ll be merging soon.


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