Turbo Survivor II, Challenge 9: The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice.

One or both of the participants in a first date is pretending to like or put up with something that they cannot stand, because otherwise the date is going well

TIME LIMIT: 30 minutes

Jessica reached back and grabbed the headboard, using the leverage to give him a better angle. She was surprised, somewhat by his size, mostly by his stamina.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he said, thrusting. “You got me more turned on than my new ASUS laptop.”

She thought that sounded like a joke, but she had just put up with two hours of him talking about SQL databases. If it was a joke, he needed to work on those, too.

“You know what babe?” she moaned. “Stop talking and fuck me.”

It had been seven years since she scratched that itch. And dammit if he didn’t do the trick.


She reached back and grabbed the headboard, thrusting her tits at Matt in a show of pure ecstasy.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he said. “You got me so turned on right now.”

She was so shy. She had barely said a word the whole night. Dinner was good, but he felt he had to force the conversation at times.

“You know what babe?” she moaned. “Fuck the shit out of me.”

No girl had ever talked dirty to him. With renewed vigor, he gave her a night she’d never forget.

K: I like this as an idea. A lot, actually (Rashomon is one of my favorite movies, so this is no surprise). Are the two perspectives different enough? I find it interesting how our minds partially lie about memories and I think this could be explored in a longer space; there are some words left to use, and both halves could use a stronger identity.

MN – Hmm. The two views of the same scene… I think I get the effect you’re going for, but they might be a bit too similar to really nail the conflicting sacrifices. And since they’re already mid-coitious when we join them, the tension is already drained from the scene. It’s a clever approach, that just misses.

Yeah, this was terrible. Just terrible. I was the only person on my team not to get any medal points. Thankfully, my team rocked it out this week. Just fourteen players left!

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