51. Girls

The word "GIRLS" written in blue on a black background

Creator: Lena Dunham
Years: 2012-Present

I really enjoyed the first season of this show. Lena Dunham’s wit is sharp and she does a fine job at writing scripts that try to normalize the ups and downs of being a girl without using exploitation to sell it (though there is some gratuitous nudity; she’s trying to make a point that girls can be beautiful with average bodies, but it’s often gratuitous just the same). But as the show has gone on, she has done little to grow her characters. The girls have grown increasingly more unlikable as it has progressed and I found myself actively rooting against them. And their boyfriends for that matter. Everyone is overly selfish and obnoxious. By season four I completely gave up and I don’t see myself giving season five much of a look.

One thought on “51. Girls”

  1. Yeah, I heard there was nobody likable here by the time the show had found itself. I probably won’t ever get around to this one, though at one point, I meant to.

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