Opportunity Knocks

Year: 1990
Director: Donald Petrie

Summary: Eddie and Lou are a couple of two-bit con men on the lam from a loan shark. They hide out in someone’s house and they hear on the answering machine that (A) the owner of the house is out of the country for a month or two and (B) the housesitter supposed to watch the house for the absent owner won’t be able to watch the house due to a new job in another part of the country…

Times Watched: 3

I was a big fan of Carvey’s at the time. I laughed myself to pieces watching his standup and of course loved his Bush impersonations and Garth. Nowadays I don’t find the old stuff that funny anymore. The same standup routine I laughed at when I was 13 leaves me cold now. And while I still like Wayne’s World, most ofDana’s stuff feels dated.

I haven’t seen this movie since I was a teenager, though I liked it enough then to watch it multiple times. It’s a pretty formulaic buddy movie that feels very 80’s. It’s a fairly paint-by-numbers crowd-pleaser, and Carvey sure tries his best. He even gets a point in the plot to use his Bush impersonations to escape a bad guy. Seriously! The one scene I’ll never forget is where he wins the heart of a girl by doing karaoke, and he does a bang-up job doing “Born To Be Wild.”

One thought on “Opportunity Knocks”

  1. I loved Carvey as a kid too, though as I grew up I did learn why he didn’t become a huge star like a lot of the others (being nearly killed by a botched surgery didn’t help, either).

    I never saw this, though I’m certain I meant to pick it up on VHS at the store where I worked. I don’t know. Maybe I saw it high.

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