Author: Bart Bronte
Year: 2017
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: iOS, Android, Browser

My Rating: 5

A short, free version akin to Bart Bronte’s Factory Balls, a logic game that has the added benefit of a cute ghost and cute pumpkins. If you’re good at water logic games but want something a little more fun, give this a shot.

Boo! Halloween game from Bart Bonte Cool Math Games - YouTube

Your goal is to make your pumpkin look like the pumpkin on the right, swapping out eye patches, masks, and hats before you dip your pumpkin in the available colors. The game starts out simple as it teaches you the ropes, then progressively gets more difficult. The scope is limited; there’s only 21 pumpkins and about halfway through the possibilities get repetitive.

I finished it in a few days, doing one or two at a time. I don’t think I’ll be paying to play Factory Balls as it’s not my favorite type of logic puzzle, but it was a nice diversion.

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