136. Take Me Out To The Holosuite (7.04)

Synopsis: When Captain Solok of the Federation starship T’Kumbra challenges former classmate Sisko and his crew to a game of baseball, Sisko refuses to lose to the arrogant Vulcan and begins to take the game too seriously.

Memory Alpha SummaryKatie Casey was baseball mad…about this episode

Review: Being a huge baseball fan, I’ve heard about this episode for years. I was really looking forward to it and left sorely disappointed.  The reason for the baseball game is mildly interesting, but the antagonist is a character we just met this episode and barely explore. The baseball itself is terrible; not just the players, but the depiction of it, including some of the rules (e.g. the Vulcan player would be automatically out when he enters the dugout). 

My biggest beef: why is Sisko not playing?  He loves the sport more than anybody else on the station, yet he’s just managing?  Come on.  He’s not Picard.  He’s Sisko!  He gets his hands dirty.  I also laughed and shook my head when Ezri did the backflip catch against the centerfield wall; the actual shot was impressive, but it would have been nice to know her character even had athletic ability so it didn’t come out of nowhere.  I also really wanted to see Worf hit a 500 foot homer.  Or break his bat.  At least he got to say, “Death to the Opposition!” I love you Michael Dorn.

Odo was great as the umpire.  Him practicing his safe and out calls in his office was perfect.

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