100. Strange Bedfellows (7.19)

Synopsis: The Dominion and the Breen negotiate an alliance; Ezri and Worf are sentenced to death.

Memory Alpha SummaryHonestly, these bedfellows all seem kind of obvious

Review: I take back what I said about Kai Winn from ‘Til Death Do Us Part. Dukat just admits everything to her and she only resists for a hot minute before turning to the dark side like a caricature.  Her speech as the episode closes nears that of a Bond-villain and I’m less excited now about her comeuppance.  

The fun moment here is when Damar turns on the Dominion and helps out the Federation (and his constant mocking of Weyoun dying and being replaced by genetic replicants).  It was entirely predictable with how unhinged Weyoun had become, but it was the right way for the story to go.

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