97. Soldiers of the Empire (5.21)

Synopsis: After Worf becomes first officer of a Klingon Bird-of-Prey commanded by General Martok, he is caught between loyalty to his commander and loyalty to the crew.

Memory Alpha SummaryWorf torn between two decisions? Glad to finally see it.

Review: Bashir is an asshole, jesus. The way he treats Martok is condescending and culturally demeaning. 

This reminds me quite a bit of A Matter of Honor, with Worf replacing Riker as the first officer. In some ways it’s more ambitious as the Klingons on the ship are diverse. The writers also do their best to explain how the Klingon system of murdering one’s captain is only a last resort and otherwise their system is quite functional. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite carry the dramatic impact it hopes for. The cast of characters on the ship, while diverse, are still poorly drawn without much depth. Every scene requires Dax to whisper Worf’s conscience into his own ear. And after a pretty cool scene where Worf motivates the crew by letting Martok defeat him in battle, we essentially fade to black and find out through more exposition that they defeated the Jem Hadar.  Really, Paramount?  Couldn’t pony up some money for one battle scene against the mortal enemy of the entire quadrant?

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