91. Blaze of Glory (5.23)

Synopsis: To prevent a Maquis missile attack from reaching Cardassia, Sisko must force Starfleet traitor Eddington to lead him to the launch site.

Memory Alpha SummarySoup, Salad, and Sandwiches

Review: While I’m glad Deep Space Nine decided to wrap up the storylines of The Maquis and Michael Eddington, I found the episode to be a bit hamfisted.

Half of the episode is basically Sisko and Eddington trading only moderately witty insults and it gets tiresome. The other half is Sisko wrestling with how he feels about Eddington, which we’ve seen several times already. I do appreciate the impossibly complex ruse The Maquis deployed to convince Sisko to bring Eddington to the Badlands, but it wasn’t enough. Then we get the tiresome, “You go on without me!” speech from Eddington. At least Sisko didn’t hesitate for long, but I would have appreciated less angst from Sisko about it. If he had said, “Thank you and good riddance” that would have at least been more interesting. 

Nog developing some cajones standing up to Klingons is pretty fun, but Lofton over emotes as usual beside him. 

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