83. Body Parts (4.25)

Synopsis: When Quark learns that he is dying, he auctions his vacuum-desiccated body to raise capital. Meanwhile, an accident on a mission prompts Dr. Bashir to transfer Keiko’s baby into Major Kira.

Memory Alpha Summary: Keiko did this so Worf couldn’t deliver her baby again.

Review: I love Quark and I don’t love Ferengi episodes, but this one ain’t half-bad. Partially because of the totally awesome B-plot with Keiko’s baby being transported into Nerys. Just a perfect solution for the “Nana Visitor is pregnant” problem without resorting to any silliness about Shakaar. 

And I also enjoy how this episode really establishes Quark as a Ferengi who still believes in his culture but is willing to fight to add to it with the experiences he has outside his home world. It’s the struggle that Worf deals with constantly, but with more humor. Realizing that his assets also include people he’s built relationships with despite the fact that he’s cheated them before if a pretty cool moment.

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