76. Dax (1.08)

Synopsis: New evidence reopens a thirty-year-old murder case and Dax’s previous host, Curzon, is the prime suspect.

Memory Alpha Summary: Wish they would have told me before I agreed to be host!

Review: Finally in season 1 we get an episode about the one main character we know the least about. Unfortunately, it’s yet another senior-officer-accused-of-murder episode, right on the heels of A Man Alone. Two of the same plot in the first seven episodes is really lazy. On the bright side, this episode does it way better, partly because Dax never denies murdering someone (even though she didn’t). The mystery is why she’s remaining silent, and it’s a decent one. 

We also get an extradition hearing, which thankfully doesn’t feel too much like a trial. The main benefit is that the hearing allows us to learn more about the symbiotic relationship between trill and host. A solid introduction to Dax that helps her character’s arc down the road. 

Julian Bashir, aggravatingly, moves from kind of sad to creepy. He asks to accompany Dax to her quarters. She replies “That’s not necessary.” After she leaves, Bashir says out loud to himself, “She said it was unnecessary. But not forbidden.” Thankfully she gets abducted before he has the chance to rape her. 

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