39. Call To Arms (5.26)

Synopsis: Sisko attempts to prevent more Dominion ships from entering the Alpha Quadrant by mining the wormhole; Gul Dukat responds by launching a massive assault fleet against the station..

Memory Alpha SummaryFrom this time forward, you will…stay in the Alpha Quadrant.

Review: Going into this episode I knew it was preparing for the future of Season 6 and it didn’t disappoint. While it didn’t have the intensity of Best of Both Worlds: Part 1, it did a great job of building a similar dread without much exposition. The fake diplomatic conversation between Sisko and Weyoun was great. And the first big battle was a tour de force. The writers did an excellent job setting up the war with a significant loss for the Federation. 

I like Dax’s proposal to Worf. It fits her personality and their relationship. 

The Rom/Leeta marriage ceremony sticks out like a sore thumb in this drama heavy episode, but I trust the writers here that it wasn’t wasted and it’s setting up something significant for next season (Narrator:  it didn’t). 

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