116. Afterimage (7.03)

Editor’s Note: I completely missed this episode while doing the countdown, and I noticed that I even started the countdown at the wrong number. So for the three of you paying attention, this week may be a bit confusing. We should be good to go going forward, though.

Synopsis: Ezri Dax has trouble adjusting with the rest of the crew; Garak inexplicably collapses..

Memory Alpha Summary: He just misses Farrell

Review: A nice break from the monotonous Dominion War, though I’m not entirely sure yet I’m going to like Ezri Dax.  (Narrator: He didn’t) The actor seems at times to be projecting and her interactions with characters she’s supposed to have known for years feel a bit wooden.

I was happy, though, that they explore the Worf’s complicated feelings for Dax as well as Garak’s complicated feelings about being a traitor.  The dinner scene at the end has some funny and touching moments.

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