14. Tacking Into The Wind (7.22)

Synopsis: Gowron begins reckless attacks against the Dominion; Kira and the Cardassians plot to steal a Breen weapon.

Memory Alpha SummaryKlingons do not remain stubborn forever

Review: ,Now this was the season 7 episode I was waiting for.  Even though there’s not much here that isn’t predictable, it all feels right and a nice change of pace from “business as usual” Star Trek.  Watching Damar’s struggle with his new role for the Cardassian people is awesome and leaving the viewer with hope that a mortal enemy for decades might just be willing to trust is a great journey.  When the Klingons joined with the Federation, it happened off-screen prior to the timeline of TNG.  Here we get to see it in action, which is much preferable.  

And then we have Worf finally taking 12 years of Klingon code that he’s been wrestling with and put it to some good use.  Ezri is finally useful, saying all the obvious things about how stupid the Klingon system is that every viewer had been saying out loud for years, and Worf takes it to heart.  I do kind of wish Gowron’s character had been a little more subtle with how awful he was but I’m also glad to see them kill off a pretty major minor character.

Finally, Miles hatching a plot to lure Section 31 to DS9 got me pumped for the next two episodes.  Golf clap there writing team.  

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